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Vulnerability management by analysing your network analysing Open ports, insecure software configuration and scanning for malware by keeping systems up to date.

• Hardware protection mechanisms using Virtual Private Networks(VPN), Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) to authenticate and detect hardware devices thereby preventing unauthorized network and data access.

• Securing operating systems by Installing Up to date software and timely updating this software to mitigate security breaches

• Managing access control lists to stop programs that have been proven to be insecure to stop security flaws in systems

• End user security training. 90% of security incidents and breaches involve human errors,

Training of your staff is essential for secure systems to be implemented. Personal errors include poor password management, inability to recognize misleading websites, downloading insecure programs from the internet, failure to recognize dangerous email attachments.

Security awareness training is essential to provide compliance and developing a culture of cyber awareness is essential to every organization.

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